Conference on the Crossroads of Faith, Work, Church and Culture

When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices.

Proverbs 11:10


What is Intersection?

The division in our world is ever increasing. Whether we are talking politics, race, culture and the church, the widening gap seems almost impossible to bridge. We have become a generation of divisive labels.  Sadly, while the gap is widening, the church has become part of the divide. We have separated and retreated away from engagement with all facets of life. We have chosen to become more and more enclosed while we have become irrelevant to the broader world.

It’s with this in mind, we wanted to gather and convene a new generation of multiethnic leaders who are passionate about intersecting faith, work, church and culture. We believe the best place to be is at the intersection rather than on the sidewalk. We want to engage and equip a new generation of believers who are interested in being “salt and light” in our “bland and dark” world.

We believe the best place to begin is with:

  • multiethnic leaders whose voice transcends racial politics,
  • missional leaders who can bridge the younger generation with the older, and
  • multiplying leaders who can start new churches while revitalizing dying churches.

In summary, Intersection is about Discipleship of All of Life. Our Faith intersecting with our Work intersecting with the Church and Intersecting with our Culture.

What will Intersection Conference explore?

The intersection of faith, work, church and culture will set a vision for a sustainable integration of discipleship in all areas of life within local churches to impact our culture:

  • Biblical and historic theology of faith, work, church and culture
  • Integration of faith, work and economics in the Old and New Testaments to accomplish God’s redemptive work
  • Pastoral guidance for those desiring to align their resources, opportunities and calling to see flourishing in their communities. What are their roles both in and outside the church?
  • Practical guidance for how integration looks like in our current climate and context through all areas of life: arts, education, legal, medicine, business.
  • Keys to expand vocational discipleship in establishing new churches and revitalizing

Who will speak?

We want to honor the intelligence of pastors and leaders by securing some of the  most thoughtful voices on the topic. Some will be known and others are undiscovered sages within the Church. Tentative speakers that will be part of one or more events include:

  • Dr. Gary Hoag, Visting Professor (NT) New Testament Professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Sioux Falls Seminary, Asian Theological Seminary, Torch Trinity (Seoul), Northern Seminary and Denver Seminary.
  • Dr. Scott Rae,  Professor at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University
  • Helen Mitchell, Director of Faith at Biola University, Saddleback
  • David Kim, Founder of Teleos Ventures, a Venture Capital Fund
  • Dr. Ray Chang, Church Planter and President of Ambassador Network
  • Dr. Tim Jacobs, Senior Pastor of Compass Church, Air Force Chaplain,
  • Dr. Brian Chan, Author of Purple Curtain, Speaker and Art Missionary
  • Dr. John Lee, Professor, Teacher, Author in New York
  • Dr. Richard Bae, Medical Doctor and Missionary with SIM
  • DJ Chuang, American Bible Society
  • Dr. Kevin Nguyen, Irvine Campus Pastor for Saddleback

And many more  . . . .

Who attends?

Any pastor, ministry leader or person within a church who cares about how we can integrate and intersect our faith, work, church and culture to spread the gospel in all spheres of life. Content will be directly targeted towards pastors and leaders and how they can unleash potential for vocational stewardship within their congregation.


City, Date and Cost?

The conference will be held in Anaheim, California (Sunkist Community Church) near Disneyland. The date of the conference will be January 18-20, 2018 (Thursday to Saturday).  The cost will be $100 for individuals and $200 for churches (up to 4 people).  Scholarship is available.

Each participant and churches will get a set of books, all meals, and lodging (if coming from out of state).

  • Work Matters, Tom Nelson
  • Every Good Endeavor
  • more to come..

Schedule (Tentative)

Thursday January 18

9:00:      Preconference: Building Good and Faithful Workers for God, Dr. Gary Hoag, Each participant will receive a copy of Good and Faithful: Ten Stewardship Lessons for Everyday Living. Check out this resource for individuals, couples, small groups and congregations at

11:00:    Registration

12:00:    Welcome & Lunch

12:45:    Session 1: Intersection of Faith, Work, Church & Culture: Biblical Reflection
1:20:      Q&A: Developing a Theology of Faith & Work
2:00:     Afternoon Break

2:15:      Breakout on Intersection on Culture

  1. Intersection of Faith & Arts – Dr. Brian Chan
  2. Intersection of Faith & Medicine – Dr. Richard Bae
  3. Intersection of Faith & Business – Dr. David Kim
  4. Intersection of Faith & Education – Dr. John Lee
  5. Intersection of Faith & Law – Albert Su, Legal Counsel Biola
  6. Intersection of Faith & Media – DJ Chuang

2:50:     Testimonial Video
3:10:     Q&A: Our Identity in What We Do?
3:30:     Break

3:40:     Session 3:  Intersection of Culture and Church
4:30:     Q&A:  What is the role of the Church?
5:00:     Prayer & Vision

6:00:   Dinner

Friday January 19

9:00:      Breakout on Intersection on Culture

  1. Intersection of Faith & Arts – Dr. Brian Chan
  2. Intersection of Faith & Medicine – Dr. Richard Bae
  3. Intersection of Faith & Business – Dr. David Kim
  4. Intersection of Faith & Education – Dr. John Lee
  5. Intersection of Faith & Law – Albert Su, Legal Counsel Biola
  6. Intersection of Faith & Media – DJ Chuang

10:30     Break

10:45:    Session 4: Intersection of Oikomnia and Ecclesia

11:20:    Q&A:  Defining Terms
12:00:    Lunch: BBQ – Outdoor

1:15:      Panel: Breakout Session
2:50:     Testimonial Video
3:30:     Break

3:40:     Session 5:  Intersection of Multiplication
4:30:     Q&A:  Why Church Planting
5:00:     Prayer & Vision

6:00:   Dinner

Saturday January 20

9:00:      Session 6: Intersection of Academy, Abby

10:30     Break

11:00:    Session 7: Intersection of Present Future Integeration: What’s Next?

12:00:               Conference Ends



  • Urban Apologetics, Christopher Brooks
  • Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power, Andy Crouch
  • Strong and Weak: Embracing a Life of Love, Risk and True Flourishing, Andy Crouch
  • The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place, Andy Crouch
  • Imagine Church: Releasing Whole-Life Disciples, Neil Hudson
  • Every Good Endeavor, Tim Keller
  • Work Matters, Tom Nelson
  • Kingdom Calling, Amy Sherman
  • Business for the Common Good, Kenman Wong and Scott Rae
  • Good and Faithful: Ten Stewardship Lessons for Everyday Living


  • (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity)


  • What’s So Great About the “Common Good”? — Andy Crouch, Christianity Today
  •  Calling and Vocation: An Overview — Theology of Work project
  • How Does Your Daily Work Advance God’s Kingdom? — Monday Church, a project of Disciple Nations Alliance
  • Five Aims in Vocation — Amy Sherman
  • Neighborly Love (Message) — Tom Nelson


Kern Foundation

Ambassador Network

Regenerant Network


Talbot School of Theology Center for Faith, Work Economics

North American Baptist