Dr. Ed Stetzer (President of LifeWay Research) recently invited Pastor Ray Chang (Founding President of Ambassador Network), with these introductory remarks: “Over the last ten years, and again in the last few weeks, there has been some important discussion about Asian-Americans and evangelicals, including a statement I recently pointed to in my Morning Roundup. I think it is an important conversation and one I want to encourage. As such, I’ve reached out to some Asian-American leaders and asked them to share some blog posts in the coming weeks during my Thursday is for Thinkers series. I did not assign the topic, but just asked them to share what was on their heart. My friend Ray Chang is first and he shared this article.”

Read the article (guest blog post) by Ray Chang: “Empowering Across Ethnicities in the Body of Christ: Racial and cultural differences must not keep us from empowering our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Ray Chang added: “I’d love your feedback about this article. Please connect with us at AmbassadorNet.org. Ambassador Network was founded with the vision of becoming a catalyst to support a multi-ethnic church planting movement by investing in young leaders. Through Ambassador Network, we are able to also help existing churches with their current ministry needs like church health, church staffing, as well as church consulting. If you would like to further interact with Ambassador Network, you can email me at ray.chang@ambassadornet.org.”

Ray Chang article on EdStetzer.com