Ambassador Network was born in the heart of its founder, Dr. Ray Chang, many years ago.  Ray has planted two churches, Ambassador Bible Church in the Washington, DC area and Ambassador Church in Brea, California.  Ray still serves as the Senior Pastor of Ambassador Church.

After establishing Ambassador Bible Church and returning to his native area of Southern California, Pastor Ray Chang was hired by First Evangelical Free in 2000 as their Pastor of Outreach with a passion to reach a church-going slice of Orange County – the young-adult children of first-generation Asian immigrants. While many Orange County Hispanics attend either Catholic or Pentecostal churches, Chinese and Korean immigrants flocked to North Orange County. In search of good schools, they founded large Asian-language evangelical churches throughout Fullerton and Anaheim.

Now, as the sons and daughters of those immigrants enter their 30s and 40s, many find themselves alienated from their parents’ formal, hierarchical Asian-language churches but culturally uncomfortable in largely white congregations. As a result, Pastor Ray began a Sunday morning Bible study at EV Free Fullerton which attracted a large number of young Asian-Americans. They had the conviction to avoid being defined by a race or culture but rather by a common passion to reaching all nationalities and cultures for Christ.

As a result, Pastors Dale Burke and Ray decided that the best way to foster the mission and vision God had given Ray was to plant a church. What followed was Ambassador Church, guided by the mission:

Our mission at Ambassador Church is to make and equip disciples of all nationalities to be Christ’s ambassadors to all the nations by loving God, one another and the world.

Since that time Ambassador Church has had three different facilities, adopted another church, has planted three churches, and continues to be passionate about being a Church that is Missional, Multi-ethnic, and Multiplying.
We would love for you to join with us as we seek to accomplish the Mission and Vision that the Lord has set before us.

In the past few years, Ambassador Church has been actively engaged in developing young leaders, planting churches and consulting (assisting) other churches with a like-minded mission.  As this role is expanding, Ray decided to establish a non-profit ministry that would focus solely on these tasks. Rather than trying to put everything under the umbrella of the Ambassador Church, for the sake of ministry effectiveness, a separate entity was created in January 2011.

It is the mission of Ambassador Network to launch a movement of multiplying, multiethnic, and missional churches, both locally and globally.  To accomplish this mission, Ambassador Network will provide comprehensive consultation, training, coaching, and equipping for new church plants and existing churches.  Ambassador Network is not interested in simply producing a service for our clients. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with them so that we can partner with these church to multiply a movement that reaches every man, woman, and child with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Story of Ambassador Network